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In 1952 Mr Natale Ieraci and his wife Natalina started a cash van distribution business, providing customers throughout Victoria with local and imported products. As the company and customer base grew, sons Tony and Alex joined the business.

In 1975 the family purchased a warehouse on Brunswick Road allowing for a greater focus on servicing the Melbourne market and a growing interstate distribution business. As business grew an adjoining building was purchased to accommodate an ever growing customer base.

With a focus on the growing independent pizza market and the increasing need to supply a shredded cheese product, the decision was made to commission a commercial grating and shredding plant.

With three generations, sixteen family members and over seventy employees, and a constant growth in new customers, a strategic long term decision was made to a purchase a new premises for the operation in Reservoir that would allow the business to grow without limitations.

This site now houses the 3 companies which encompasses the N. Ieraci & Sons group; Campoli Foods, Teve Packaging & Australian Dairy Partners. These businesses supply a large number of pizza shops and chains as well as many Wholesaler distributors in the Melbourne and Victorian regional areas. Recently they have expanded our business services to the likes of distributors in New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia so that they are able to service the pizza industry across the country.




Single fold pizza cartons are only made from quality Kraft papers and only require one fold to erect, with the lid folding into the inside of the box.

Available in 'B' and 'E' Flute

  • Quick to Fold

  • Lids fold inside the base

  • Uses less board then other styles




Double fold pizza cartons are only made from quality Kraft papers. As the name suggests, double fold cartons have to be folded from both ends of the pizza box, with the lid folding on to the outside of the box.

Available in 'B' and 'E' Flute.



Centre Fold cartons are only made from quality Kraft papers. Centre fold
cartons are a fantastic design as they let you cut your pizza while the box is
still flat on your bench, then all you have to do is fold the box around the
pizza, making it quicker and easier for your staff.


Img Img Img Img
Picture Codes
Double fold
Double fold
“B” Flute D/F Brown Enjoy print
9" PP150
10" PP151
11" PP152

12" PP153
13" PP154
15" PP155
Double fold
“B” Flute S/F Brown Enjoy
9" PP142
10" PP143
11" PP148

12” PP149
13” PP144
15” PP145
Perfect Delicious Brown
"B" Flute D/F Perfect Delicious Brown
9" PP360
10" PP361
11" PP362

12” PP363
13” PP364
15” PP365
Codes 9” to 15” PP360-PP365
Good life
“E” Flute D/F Good life
9" PP000
10" PP001
11" PP002

12” PP003
13” PP004
15” PP005
Heavy duty Enjoy  White
“B” Flute D/F Heavy duty Enjoy  White
9" PP050
10" PP051
11" PP052

12” PP053
13” PP054
15” PP055
White  print
“B” Flute Italian D/F White  print
9" PP059
10" PP060
11" PP061

12” PP062
13” PP063
15” PP064
Single Fold plain
Single Fold plain
9" PP104
10" PP103
11" PP105

13” PP106
15” PP107
Heavy duty Bon Appetite  White
“B” Flute D/F Heavy duty Bon Appetite  White
Codes 9” PP135 to 15” PP140
9" PP135
10" PP136
11" PP137

12” PP138
13” PP139
15” PP140
Stocked Lines – Single Fold (SF) (Lid closes into the inside of the box)

SF Brown 'Enjoy' B Flute
Size Qty Per pallet
9" 1600
10" 1600
13" 1200
15" 1800
SF White Plain E Flute
Size Qty Per pallet
9" 2600
11" 2600
13" 2600
15" 1300
7" SF Brown 'Enjoy' E Flute – 5,200 per pallet
24" SF White Plain E (Big Foot) – 650 per pallet
Double Fold (DF) (Lid closes over the outside of the box)

DF Brown 'Enjoy' B Flute
Size Qty Per pallet
9" 1600
10" 1600
11" 1600
12" 1600
13" 1200
15" 800
DF Brown Goodlife E Flute
Size Qty Per pallet
9" 2800
10" 2800
11" 2800
12" 2800
13" 2800
15" 1400
DF White Orange Enjoy B Flute
Size Qty Per pallet
9" 1600
10" 1600
11" 1600
12" 1600
13" 1200
15" 800
18" 800
DF White Bon Appetite B Flute
Size Qty Per pallet
9" 1600
10" 1600
11" 1600
12" 1600
13" 1200
15" 800

Want to stand out from the competition? Why not create your own print to suit your specific needs and promote your own business? All you need to do is brief our staff and we will work closely with you to customise your pizza boxes to achieve the desired look your after.

Print Details:  
Style: Double Fold, Single Fold or Centre Fold
Board: On a White or Brown Box
Colors: Print in 1, 2 or 3 colors print
Design Free design service provided

For custom printed pizza boxes, the following pricing structure follows:

To begin with, there are three price points.

  • 5 000 min run price
  • 10 000 run price
  • 20 000 run price

Then we will work out the type of carton you require, depending on whether the pizza box is a SF or a DF, and if the pizza box is "E" or "B" fluted.

Then there are the ONE OFF stereo contributions per size.

This will be either $750 for a 1 colour, $800 plus GST for a 2 colour stereo or $1100 plus GST for a 3 colour stereo.

  • Prices are per 100 units
  • Prices do not include GST
  • Minimum order per size 5,000 units
  • Please allow a 20 working day lead time FROM the sign off of your artwork.
  • Prices are FIS based
  • TEVE Products are Australian Made
Miscellaneous stock lines

Pizza Supports - 120 Cartons per Pallet

Pizza Supports protect your customer's pizza from sticking to the lid of the box and helps the pizza reach the customer looking just like it came out of the oven.


  • Made from Strong Food Grade plastic
  • Enhances pizza presentation
  • Demonstrates to the customer your high standards
  • Enables Pizza Stacking
  • Stops toppings sticking to the lid
  • Conveniently packed in 10 tubes of 100 units per carton
  • Height 3.5cm
Pizza Liners/Pads
Pizza Pads

Brown Kraft Single Face
  • Keeps grease and oils in the crevices and away from the Pizza
  • Allows air flow under the crust, keeping pizza dry and crisp
  • Manufactured from B Flute faced brown corrugated.
  • Competitively priced

Brown Kraft single face Sizes: 9"
and 12" Packed in bundles of
A4 RSC cartons

Pizza Jackets

Pizza Bags - Pizza Jacket
After two years in the development process with a major American pizza chain, the latest technology in pizza bags has arrived in Australia. The Pizza Jacket allows you to deliver your pizzas hotter and crispier than ever before. Pizza Jacket is the new standard in thermal delivery bags.
  • No sweating or moisture build up problems due to the specially coated lining.
  • Easy to carry double handles sewn through the top with a 3" bottom handle.
  • Stain resistant 420 denier laminated PVC Shell
  • Insulated on all six sides
  • Easy to clean 210 denier PVC lining
  • Easy to read large clear Invoice Pocket
  • Can carry 4 x 15" Pizzas
  • Easy closing Velcro flap.
Packed Two Bags per Carton
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