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Pizza Boxes

Teve Packaging uses only the strongest, most durable Kraft paper on all of their Pizza Boxes. This means that there is less oil and moisture absorption, resulting in a stronger box and ultimately a better presented pizza for your customer. All Pizza boxes come in bundles of 50 and are wrapped in plastic, to ensure the ultimate in hygiene for your customer. They are available in the TEVE design, plain or ask us about a custom print.

Available In: 9", 10", 11", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 18" and 24" (Bigfoot). Ask us now what size is right for you

As Australia's largest re-seller of pizza cartons, we can provide you with the product and price to suit your needs.

Single fold pizza cartons are only made from quality Kraft papers and only require one fold to erect, with the lid folding into the inside of the box.

Available in 'B' and 'E' Flute

  • Quick to Fold
  • Lids fold inside the base
  • Uses less board then other styles

Double fold pizza cartons are only made from quality Kraft papers. As the name suggests, double fold cartons have to be folded from both ends of the pizza box, with the lid folding on to the outside of the box.

Available in 'B' and 'E' Flute.

Centre Fold cartons are only made from quality Kraft papers.Centre fold cartons are a fantastic design as they let you cut your pizza while the box is still flat on your bench, then all you have to do is fold the box around the pizza, making it quicker and easier for your staff.

Want to stand out from the competition? Why not create your own print to suit your specific needs and promote your own business? All you need to do is brief our staff and we will work closely with you to customise your pizza boxe the desired look your after.

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